My Health outlook

 To provide a trusted destination of health

1) Create your own health

2) Choose before you move

The rules of health that worked 10-15 years ago no longer apply practically because the drastic change in context of health scenario in this period is more than that witnessed in the past century.

It is essential that people volunteer to be a part of this health system by asserting their view points rather than being passive users.

It is possible to create a parallel system of health within the existing  health structure. These parallel system must work in close connection with each other and with the central one.

Health care is a substantial part of our economy. If the government is able to modify this, there can be a major shift. We need to understand what is going on, and reset the current economic models of health to ensure better health care than what we have now.

India has a lot to offer to the world. Health and economy should go hand-in-hand.



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