Sanity in Health

Laboratory tests, solely, cannot be made to dictate or decide for a good or bad health. Sanity, somewhere, needs to take over the domain of health. We are so enslaved in the existing model of healthcare that it becomes inconvenient for us to come out of it. We are in this comfort zone of our enslavement. But to evolve, we need to leave this slavery, we need to leave our comfort zones and venture into a new realm of health. My book ‘Reloading Health by Decoding Ayurveda’ is a step towards bringing about this new realm. This book takes us to an obscure door in the existing wall of contemporary healthcare system. On entering this door, we get familiar with newer concepts of health. Ayurveda means ‘The Science of Life’; so decoding Ayurveda means decoding the science of living a healthy and happy life. There is a need to translate this tradition of Ayurveda in day-to-day life. For this it becomes essential to reload health through the perspective of Ayurveda. Short stories intermixed with ancient concepts makes this book an interesting read, because stories tend to remain in our mind for longer period than the concepts.

Get together any day in a week, interact, share coffee and read aloud a few pages from this book in each meeting. Let the understanding of Ayurveda pour into mind. Let this knowledge take its own course to be digested gradually, so that whatever we learn becomes rooted. We wish to see this simple book change the face of our rationale, our reasonings, our justifications and our understanding of health. May sanity delve forever in the domain of health. May this ‘Science of Life’ become the way of life.


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