Fear of Death in COVID-19

Fifth Post – Series ‘Reloading Mental Health’ – May 2020

COVID-19 has given rise to a collective consciousness of ‘Fear’. The collective consciousness of fear is a low frequency vibration. This can be overcome by raising the frequency of our individual consciousness. Connecting our individual consciousness to the higher frequency consciousness can do this. Thoughts of happiness, pleasure, good health, and perfect wellness are some examples of higher frequency consciousness. Consciousness affects our biological and physiological processes of the body. Global researchers in the field of cell biology have testified this fact over a period of few decades now. The experiments done by cell biologists verify that a cell’s chemistry is affected by the thoughts. Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized authority in Cell Biology. He says –

‘Human body is a communion of 50 trillion cells. Cells are the living entity in a human body. In a normal body, hundreds of billion cells die every day – e.g. hair cells, skin cells, blood cells and so on. Obviously, something is replacing the dying cells everyday. In our body there are stem cells. These cells are capable of self-renewal. The cells respond to the environment. They respond to the chemistry of blood.

Question – ‘Who is the chemist who puts the chemistry into the blood?’

Answer – ‘The brain is the chemist.’

Question – ‘What chemicals should the brain put into the blood?’ This is important because if we change the chemicals, we change the fate of the cells.

Answer -Whatever picture you hold in your mind, the brain translates that picture into a chemistry that complements the picture, and puts that chemistry into the blood; and the body responds to that picture in your mind. You can have a picture of health; you can have a picture of fear. Both have different chemistry. When you are in love, brain releases love chemistry, which is like Dopamine pleasure. That’s why falling in love creates great pleasure and also releases Oxytocin, which bonds you to the source of your love. It releases one more chemical, Vasopressin, which makes you more attractive to your partner so that your biology is now advertising that ‘I am a healthy, happy person’. The Growth Hormone, which is released into the blood provides a chemistry of extreme health. That’s why people, when they are in love, they glow, they are so healthy. That’s chemistry.

Let’s now get today’s COVID-19 chemistry – i.e. Fear

The picture of fear in mind causes the stress hormone, Cortisol, which shuts down the immune system or the cytokines. So the blood of a person in love has different chemistry than the blood in a person with fear. The first principle of Quantum Physics is that ‘Consciousness is creating your life experience’. We are creating our life experiences with our consciousness.

Question – ‘Where are you getting your consciousness from?’

Answer – ‘From whatever information you are putting in the brain.’ This is because the information you put in brain will be translated directly into your biology. We are being told we are going to die, and we go on and create stress hormones (cortisol) and reduce our immunity. These fears are the primary things that inhibit the function of the immune system. Norman Cousins (1915-1990) healed himself from a lethal disease by locking himself in a hotel room. He bought all kinds of comedies, Marx brothers, and things like that. He just sat there and enjoyed life and laughed; and he overcame that what should’ve killed him. Half the people tested positive with COVID-19 don’t even have symptoms. So it’s not as lethal as they say, it’s the fear of death that is the problem that we must deal with today in the times of COVID-19.’

Role of Ayurveda –

Thousands of years back, long before Western scientists discovered the laws of Quantum Physics, Ayurveda had its principles based on the deeper understanding of Quantum Physics and the Universe. Though the terminology in Ayurveda is  different from the modern terminology, it echoes the concepts of Quantum Physics. Ayurveda considers human body to be a dynamic field of energy that presents itself as microcosm of the macrocosmic universe. This is in sync with the principle of quantum physics, which considers energy exchange as an important basis of health and wellbeing. Fear is a concept of mind, which is created for a situation that has not yet happened, so it is a fictitious life challenge. Fear has to be crushed. Positive thinking, along with the active treatment for infection accelerates the healing process. This is the best way to come out of the chaos and fear of COVID-19.

Source: Excerpts from interview – Dr. Bruce Lipton for ‘London Real’

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