Health is Universal

Health is Universal – that which applies to all. It has no east, no west. The age of information and technology can be equated to the age of consciousness. This means that this age believes that the ultimate truth is not physical but much beyond the physical. Indian culture is known for its ‘Darshana Philosophy’. ‘Darshana’ means ‘to observe’. So, an important aspect of Indian culture was to observe with one’s ‘Inner Eye’ to realize the depth of Universe. This was not any bizarre exercise but a vision for truth, and ‘Truth’ is Universal. Existence of Universe is not random but is governed by cosmic laws. The functioning of these laws involve a deeper science. Ayurveda is the extension of this culture and is a science that deals with both, ‘Health’ and ‘Life’. Health is the first step in life, so it becomes all the more important to be in good health.

Today, intellectuals are thinking of bringing ‘Science’ and ‘Spirituality’ together. But this is not a new concept, but was the original concept of evolution which has been forgotten with time. Ayurveda is a living proof for this. Ayurveda is one of the oldest systems of healthcare which brings science and spirituality together. It is a ‘Science with Consciousness’. It focuses on ‘Health and Healing’ along with ‘Disease and Treatment’. In order to go further into a lesser known subject like Ayurveda, it is important to have a basic clarity of its concepts.

The drawback in the world health sector today is the path of ‘exclusiveness’. It is a tendency of modern mind to think in terms of either ‘this’ or ‘that’. This means, “I will do this thing. I will not do anything else”. All the ancient paths of knowledge, including Ayurveda, are inclusive. Including all the systems of healthcare brings a sense of belongingness, which means all knowledge is mine. All knowledge has effect. Healthcare becomes more effective with inclusiveness.

Conclusion – Technically, all the systems of healthcare are beneficial for health. People across the world need to be aware of all the available options before they make their choice.

Next topic – ‘Inclusive path of Health’


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