Think Beyond

We all know that all animals, including humans, have their respective fields of vision, and this range is not the different for all. This means what an eagle can see a man cannot, or what a bat can see a dog or a cat may not. There may be so many things that a man is not able to see or visualize but they still exist. For example, microscope is the prime requirement for seeing micro-organisms, but the absence of microscope does not mean that the micro-organisms cease to exist. Just as the presence of appropriate equipments give scientists the basis of research, their absence could render them susceptible to flaws. Similarly, there could be several new concepts of health which may differ from the ones we are familiar with. So opening up our mind to these new concepts could be of great benefit. Cosmic laws of nature do not rely on scientific verification, nor do they rely on any belief systems. The gravitational force did not depend or wait for the apple to fall on Newton’s head to get itself discovered. Our sages had a depth of knowledge that was required to unravel such mysterious laws of nature. Holistic approach of Ayurveda says that if we structure our lives in a way which nurtures and nourishes our inner strength we can live an organized and healthy life instead of an agonized one. Understanding of how to live in alignment with the cosmic laws is the key to health.


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