Slaves of Aliens

As I was walking along the path of my life, I came across a gate. I walked inside. To my surprise, the gate closed automatically as soon as I entered. I wanted to go back but could not. I could see the outside world through the gate, but people from outside were not able to see inside. I had no choice but to walk on.

As I moved on, I met an alien. I was taken aback. Then came another….and another….and another….soon I discovered that I was in the land of aliens. I could not understand their language, though they could understand mine; I was frightened, though they were cool; I was not friendly, though they were very warm; I had a closed mind, though they had an open, accepting and appreciative mind. Very soon I began to understand them despite not knowing their language. I began communicating with them.

As I got familiar with my surroundings, I came to know that these aliens were the original inhabitants of this world. But over the period of evolution and subsequent progress, only a handful of aliens had survived and rest of them had been killed by the normal inhabitants of the earth. This was the reason they had to keep themselves inside the gated enclosure to prevent further loss of lives. They were a disciplined and happy lot. They had a helpful nature, were compassionate and could not stand a sight of misery to anyone. They always did their best to alleviate the pain of the sufferers. The only thing that saddened them was that they were delegated as ALIENS IN THEIR OWN LAND. They could see the sufferings, the plight of people outside the gates but, despite being well equipped to relieve them of their pain, were rendered helpless because people were not ready to accept their help. The aliens wanted to co-exist and move with the rest of the world, share and extend their knowledge, their experience and their thinking with the normal inhabitants. They wanted to share the joys and alleviate the sorrows of normal inhabitants.They had tried working out various ways to share their knowledge and enlighten and befriend the people of the world, but the people outside were not ready to accept them. So they had no option but to see the world perish in front of their eyes. I could see the pain in their eyes.

The only way they could think of to reach normal inhabitants was to enslave any normal inhabitant (like me) who accidentally, or otherwise, entered their gates. The slaves, like me, were taught about their approach, their system and their knowledge. During this period of learning, the slave becomes mesmerised and awestruck by the innovative and open-minded approach of the aliens. He, too, wants his own people to benefit from the knowledge he has gained. Once the slave is equipped with the knowledge, he is relieved from slavery and is let free to go outside the gates in the hope that he would show the real face of aliens to the world, will share their knowledge with the people, will make them understand that the aliens were actually their well-wishers and that it was essential for the world to befriend them and learn their skills and knowledge to improve their lives. But, nevertheless, it becomes an uphill task for that freed normal inhabitant, who no longer is a slave. Though he is now aware that aliens were the oldest inhabitants on earth, or that they were equipped with all the principles of life and health, or that they were the most innovative and evolved people ever, still he is not able to make people accept them; because an alien is an alien. Let’s take a hypothetical situation –

Imagine a situation where you find an alien standing just in front of you. Now how would you respond?

  • Would you be instantly taken aback
  • Would you be scared
  • Would you scare it off
  • Would you accept it in your life and know about it
  • Would you befriend it

All the options are possible. It could even be that you would like to befriend it, but for this you would need the support of people (normal inhabitants) around you. You may like the alien, understand it, but without the support of your people you won’t be able to carry forward this friendship for long. The fear of being alienated may prevent you to befriend the alien; or your fears, in general, may prevent you from doing this.

Now let me disclose the identity of ‘Aliens’ and ‘Normal Inhabitants’ in context with this article.

The ‘Aliens’, here, represent ‘Ayurveda System of Health’.

The ‘Normal Inhabitants’, here, represent ‘Contemporary Modern Medical System’ along with all the people who believe only in ‘Modern Medical System’.

This was my plight on being gated with the aliens more than three decades back. I was a hardcore normal inhabitant. When surviving in the alien world was the only option I had, there was no other way but to accept, befriend and understand their concepts. But when I came to know them enough, I found that the aliens had a very innovative and positive approach. In the beginning I used to wonder as to why God threw me in this ‘gated land of aliens’ / in the ‘gated world of Ayurveda’, but soon I began to realise that God does not give you what you want but He gives you what you need. He gave me a purpose. The aliens helped me evolve. They had now taught me the very basis of my existence. Had I not been associated with this science, then like any other normal inhabitant, I might not have explored or experienced it ever. But God has his ways. He wanted me to evolve, to evolve beyond my normal self. Now, thanks to these aliens, I have come to have a different outlook while treating patients. Instead of using only my brain, I use my heart, my senses and my soul too. 

Like all the other slaves of aliens, I found that the alien world had a lot to offer to the normal inhabitants. People need to understand that Ayurveda is not an alien science, but is the original one. It was penned down for the health and happiness of all beings. So why disrespect it or displace it from its home. Why not learn from its experience, find answers in it and co-exist with it. But spreading this message of aliens is still an uphill task. Normal inhabitants need to come out of their generalised closed approach to make this possible. I sincerely hope that people will take a step forward to hold the hands of aliens and bring them out of their gated enclosure to co-exist with them.

Now imagine a situation where you encounter an alien with a placard which displays ‘WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS AND ARE HERE TO HELP YOU’. Will you try to explore him?

What if the placard displays ‘You can know more about us from your people*’. Would you like to meet those people?

I think YOU MUST. So start looking for the slaves of aliens and try to gain as much as you desire.

(*The people referred here are the free slaves of aliens)


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