paperrWelcome to my blog

I’ve always believed in an integrated system of medicine for good health. I believe that all the available systems of medicine have their individual share of advantages as well as disadvantages and that the right one needs to be chosen at the right time for attaining wellness. I contribute my bit through my education which is in ‘Ayurveda’.

The  non-believers and non-followers of Ayurveda too can explore the world of Ayurveda through the sections in my blog, which extend a logical explanation to bring you closer to this ‘Science of Life’. It is not what you will get out of Ayurvedic treatments that’ll be enriching – it is what the treatments will get out of you that will ultimately change your life.

My website http://www.ayurpride.com brings forth the simplicity of Ayurveda and also its relevance in the present day.


 I have come up with my first book titled ‘RELOADING HEALTH by DECODING AYURVEDA’. Salman Rushdie (British Indian novelist & essayist) has said,

  “There are two things in Indian history. One is the incredible optimism and potential of the place, and other is the betrayal of that potential.” 

I am exploring the former part of his saying through this book. My book is available on Amazon & Flipkart.




  1. Spot on you are. You have explained the crucial issue in most appropriate manner. Engaging people in the dialogue effectively, is a real challenge, though many kind of get engaged with lots of ifs and buts, for valid reasons. However, it’s important to carry on with our efforts. We in ‘H2m AYUSH’, are in a journey to use technologies, and awareness generation channels to create Healthy individuals. It will be great if we can meet sometimes to share our goals, plans and actions for creating bigger impact in the true health care journey.

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