‘You cannot be anything if you want to be everything’, said Israel Zangwill.

Sometimes we’ve got to work too hard; sometimes we’ve got to relax to get back. Fewer things done well are better than many things half done. There’s a collective consciousness of ‘Hyperactivity’ everywhere. Hyperactive mind leads to hyperactive life. Hyperactivity cannot fill the void deep within. Going for shopping and buying things to fill the emptiness inside is not the solution. Important is our inner relationship with the outer world.

In Ayurveda, it is said that, the physical body is maintained by ‘Prana’ (the life breath) and  ‘Anna’ (the earth’s food that we eat). The quality of the air that we breathe as well the food that we eat affect the nature of body’s cells, tissues, organs and the way they function, as well as the state of mind. The quality of air includes both the visible pollution as well as the subtle collective consciousness (in this case, hyperactivity), which because of its subtleness can express itself in the food as well. Paying attention to the food we eat while we eat helps in refraining from the collective consciousness of ‘mindless eating’ (a sign of hyperactive brain). The environment, in which the food is grown, and the mindset while eating it is also important. It is a myth that all organic food is healthy. Organic food, though, devoid of the chemical fertilizers, industrial solvents and pesticides, can be highly processed and loaded with fat, sugar and unwanted calories. Looking for unprocessed and whole food can avoid the physical pollution of the food; and not eating in haste can avoid the hyperactivity of mind.


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