Definition of professionalism

The definition of professionalism has changed over a period of three decades. I’ve been a witness to this transition. About three decades back, being ‘Professional’ meant being true to one’s professional studies/courses in the true sense. As for example, in medical field it meant treating the patient or looking into the case with a clear intention of curing the patient by keeping every aspect of the disease in mind. The sole aim of a doctor used to be guiding the patient in right direction. Keeping all his medical ethics in mind, if the doctor was able to do this, then he was truly dedicated to his profession.

Today, a good professional means any person who can effectively extract as much money from the client as possible – by hook or by crook. Otherwise the approach is said to be an unprofessional approach. Being professional means making business from their respective professions. The degree of ‘Professionalism’ is directly proportional to the ease with which the money is extracted from the clients. A strong bond of trust is fast diminishing.This applies to all fields. Even in a serene profession like health, sometimes a patient could be nothing more than a potential client for a few medical professionals. And if this is happening, it needs introspection.


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