About Me

I am Dr. Nilima Jain. I did my medicine from Delhi University and have been associated with Ayurveda for three decades. I have always been logical and curious. Illogical explanations do not convince me and my curiosity makes me look for logics even in illogical situations. So when I began my studies in Medical school of Ayurveda, everything would go above my head because I could not understand a single thing about Ayurveda.. I could only understand the allopathic part of the syllabus and rest of it was just for the sake of doing it. But as my perspective began to widen, I found everything  falling in place. Ayurveda came across as a mystifying science to me; a science of life with a much broader outlook and logic than I could have ever thought of. As I learnt to de-mystify the concepts I began to relate to whatever was written in our age old texts of Ayurveda. I was (and I still am) surprised and mesmerized at the highly innovative and open approach of Ayurveda, which has the ability to be of equal relevance in today’s time as it  had during its inception.  I feel that this relevance of Ayurveda is of extreme value in management of current scenario of health. But at the same time it is important to make it understandable so that people are able to associate with our ‘Indian approach to health management’. For this, I have come up with my understanding of Ayurveda and brought them across with simplicity in my blog, my website as well as my book. My website is http://www.ayurpride.com. My book ‘Reloading Health by Decoding Ayurveda’ is written especially for people who are not associated with the field of Ayurveda. It helps them discover a hidden door in the existing wall of health.

It takes great pleasure to say that I was recently  honoured with the prestigious award namely, Worldwide Achievers Healthcare Excellence Award 2013  for my individual contribution in the field of Ayurveda in Delhi/NCR by the ‘India Today’ group. It was presented to me by Dr. C.P. Thakur (Member of Parliament – Rajyasabha, Vice President Bhartiya Janata Party and former Cabinet Minister Govt. of India) and Prof. M.C. Mishra (Director, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi).

I want people to create their own health.  People who are capable, educated and knowledgeable can be active partners in doing this. There is no need to surrender all authority to the physician but it is important for them to be assertive in their choice of treatment by discussing the pros and cons of the same.


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