Insight at work

‘Don’t die for work; rather you should live to work’, says Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.

An excerpt from his work –

Work needs to be lived because successful people spend a minimum of 10 hours per day at their work place. If they do not live it then what is the point of being there? Why would they be doing something that does not mean anything to them? Is it to accumulate enough for the next four generations? If you have such a goal please go and look at families which had accumulated for next 10 generations and see how they are living after 3 generations.

Today if you are a CEO by the time you were 35yrs you must have had ulcers, by 45yrs you might have had diabetes, by 55yrs you may be prone to a bypass. People say they have had three bypasses as if it is a qualification. These things are becoming normal because people are breaking up. Work has become like prison because of the way we treat it. If you are trapped with people who you do not care for, it feels like a concentration camp. But if you are in a room full of people that you truly care for and they care for you, they are like family. It becomes a wonderful experience to be there all the time.

If you start believing that your work is important, the first thing you need to do is work upon yourself otherwise it may turn out to be a taxing and destructive experience. If you seek large scope of activity, pursue happiness in whatever you do. Insight should be an important aspect of any work profile you take up.

Reference – Article by Sadhguru (Isha foundation)

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