Do Not Resist Change

Health is universal. It has no boundaries of states. It has no ‘east’, it has no ‘west’. So do not resist a change in this sector. Ayurveda is ‘the change’ that takes us to the ‘simplicity’ that challenges the ‘complexities’ of health which are created by urban lifestyle. It took me 25yrs of reasoning and contemplation to put down my knowledge in form of a book especially for the people who like to use this online jargon ELI5 (explain like I’m 5). I had a strong feeling that the time was right, that I should not withhold myself from putting down the information the way I want to. Though there are innumerable books on the subject of health but my book ‘Reloading Health’ is my way of ‘Decoding’ the ancient-most knowledge of health. Whatever is in our scriptures is meant to be shared and presented in an understandable format. Full article is on this link below –


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