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Ninth Post – Series ‘Reloading Mental Health’ – September 2020

 Once upon a time a young girl and her father were walking a forest path. At some point, they came across a large branch on the ground in front of them. The girl asked her father, “If I try, do you think I could move that branch?”

Her father replied, “I am sure you can, if you use all your strength.” The girl tried her best to lift or push the branch but she was not strong enough and couldn’t move it. She said with disappointment, “You were wrong dad. I can’t move it.”

“Try again with all your strength”, replied her father.

Again, the girl tried hard to push the branch. She struggled, but it did not move.

“Dad, I cannot do it”, said the girl.

Finally, her father said, “Young lady, I advised you to use all your strength. You didn’t. You didn’t ask for my help.”

Our real strength lies not in independence, but in interdependence. Seeking help and support when we need it is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of wisdom.

Different locks must be opened with different keys – Chinese Proverb

Discussion or exchange of ideas can give flexible insight to deal with physical and emotional problems. Lockdown in COVID19 has shifted the over-busy lifestyle to a comparatively empty one. This shift has opened new arenas of mental illness. Though exhausting, majority preferred the former lifestyle. This is because keeping busy is easier than confronting inner silence. Ayurveda counselling along with essential herbs can balance Vata and rejuvenate the nervous system. Imbalanced Vata Dosha emotionally manifests as nervousness, anxiety and fear. These can be taken care of by re-channeling the energy. Seek Help.

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