Swiss-Cheese Personality

First post – Series ‘Reloading Mental Health’ – Jan 2020

Each one of us has a personality that is like ‘Swiss-cheese’. Just as in Swiss cheese, there are holes in our personality. These holes could either become our strength or our weakness, depending on the way they are managed.

Swiss cheese personalities may, outwardly, appear great but Swiss cheese sufferers doubt the compliments showered on them. Praises drain down the holes, but negative feedbacks always stick. These personalities don’t believe people who appreciate them. Complements, however genuine, fall through the mental holes of their personality, and only the flaws stick. Inability to accept compliments is linked to ‘Body dysmorphic disorder’. BDD is a mental health disorder in which people strongly assume of having a flaw in their physical appearance. These flaws could be imaginary or minor, which others may not even notice, but they become major issues for the sufferer. People with BDD repeatedly look in the mirror and repeatedly fail to see anything but flaws. This causes emotional distress, which drains down the happiness too.  Even celebrities are not spared from Swiss-cheese phenomenon. Focus on negativity creates a displeasing aura whereas focus on positivity creates an attractive aura. Denying one’s weakness ends up strengthening it. Accepting the flaws and owning them with grace challenges negative thinking and melts away the Swiss-cheese personality.

Dissatisfaction with physical appearance cannot be completely escaped as superficially perfect images on social media build up pressure of always looking great. As the basic needs of food and shelter are no more an issue due to abundance of resources, people have enough time to worry about physical appearance. Younger people are more prone to suffer, as they are more obsessed with it. More the obsession more is the dissatisfaction. Perfection is a creation of mind.

Treatment includes counselling and medication. Seek help.

Ayurveda says that mind has the greatest influence in directing the body towards sickness and health. Decoding Ayurveda for Reloading Mental Health is essential today. Ayurveda lifestyle implies conscious living. To accept flaws, being aware of them becomes essential. This can be done through ‘Mind-Body Constitution Analysis’. Details are here.

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