About Ayurveda

Why should we go in for Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the ancient most healthcare system and is an essential requirement of the day. In fact, it can be adapted at any point of time.

• Ayurveda is the only healthcare system which integrates ‘Science’ with ‘Soul’ .

• The principle of Ayurveda is ‘Prevention of disease, promotion of health and its preservation’.

• It emphasizes on ‘Health and Healing’ along with ‘Disease and Treatment’.

• It is the healer of body and soul.

• Ayurveda is classified as the fifth ‘Veda’ or a distinct ‘Veda’ and is considered superior because it gives health which is the basis of all the happiness of life.

• Ayurveda teaches not only to live a happy life but also how to die a happy death with contentment and detachment.

• Ayurvedic medicine has many positive effects. It can indirectly help with many conditions apart from the one being treated.

• The principles of Ayurveda are pro-nature and disciplined. They say that the body has certain rhythms, similar to those of nature. When these rhythms are in balance the body remains healthy and vice-versa.

• In this age of over-specialization where every part of the body has an assigned specialist, the holistic approach of Ayurveda is of great significance.

• Ayurvedic medicines can be taken along with allopathic medicines without altering the strength of the latter. On the other hand, Ayurvedic medicines can act as a catalyst for their actions and further, help alleviate the after effects/side effects of allopathic medicines if taken in conjunction with them.


dfHow do we adopt Ayurveda in our lives?

Ayurveda has a concealed simplicity within its complexities. So the issue of how to adopt Ayurveda in our lives is also not  difficult.

The early chapters of Ayurveda texts include ‘SWASTHVRIT’ which means ‘healthy lifestyle’ wherein the very basic norms of health are laid down. ‘Swasth’ means health. Following these basic norms is a step forward to Ayurveda, irrespective of the choice of  ‘line-of-treatment’ we adopt for ourselves. This also aids in prevention of many unwarranted diseases.

Firstly, it asks everyone to become aware about their own individual body-type and understand what the body demands. Try to communicate with your body because your body speaks to you. You just need to understand its language.

Secondly, it says that everyone should go with the rhythm of nature. It emphasizes on regularity in everything one does and this includes regularity in daily rhythm as well as seasonal rhythm of life.  Regular work, regular sleep, regular eat, regular drink and regular play (exercise/physical activity) are its various aspects. These regularities are to be maintained and adapted in the lifestyles today. These help us preserve and promote our present health and prevent the diseases occurring in future.

Ayurveda is pro nature; so it is very easy to adapt to it. For more details see this link.


etWhen do we use Ayurveda?

Any person, sick or not, can consult an Ayurveda practitioner at any time. If the person is healthy he is advised on how to keep fit as per his body-constitution-analysis (prakriti); if he is not in good health then medicine are prescribed as per the requirement.

Ayurveda emphasises on individual ‘Mind-Body constitution analysis’ which reflects in the personality of man. This is because unlike the machine, man (Manav) has a mind (manas). He has the power of thinking and deciding his acts and conduct. This power of decision depends on the personality or the body constitution of every individual.

This analysis further helps one to

• possess the potential to improve the quality of life and achieve the required goals.

• assess the personal strengths.

• increase the efficiency at workplaces.

• achieve mental peace and stability thus reducing stress at work.

• achieve physical fitness and good health.

• find an inclusive solution for a majority of problems.

Thus seeking the advice of Ayurveda practitioner even when one is not sick helps a person to keep sound health, prevent many diseases and attain longevity.

In seeking the advice of the practitioner, if the person is not in good health, the distinctiveness of Ayurveda lies firstly, in its concept of individualized treatments as per the body constitution and secondly, in treating the patient (body) as a whole. This is important in this age of over-specialization where every part of the body has an assigned specialist for it.

hjHealth Awareness Quotient  (H.A.Q.)

Note: This section was penned down around more than a decade back when the term ‘Lifestyle’ was almost non-existent. The purpose of still keeping this section here is to cross check the relevance of answers and context in the present scenario.

‘Health awareness quotient’ helps us become more informed  about our personal health.

Here are the names of a few diseases – Hypertension, Obesity, Stress, Depression, Arthritis, Asthma, Bronchitis, Hair problems, Skin ailments, Acidity, Indigestion, Infertility, Menstrual irregularities.

Now try answering these Questions :

Q 1 Do you find any similarity in these diseases?

Q 2 Do you suffer from any one of these?

Q 3 Were these diseases as prevalent  about a decade or two back  as they are today ?

Q 4 What will be the status of these diseases about a decade from now?


Here are the answers

A 1 All these diseases can, today, be categorized under ‘Lifestyle diseases’ because the urban lifestyle plays a vital role in initiating all these.

A 2 This answer varies with individuals.

A3 No, not a single disease was as prevalent then as it is in present. Today, even the younger generation is suffering from many of these.

A 4 If the existing ignorance of health and lifestyle continues, we will find that along with the adult population even school  going kids of the coming decades would complain about these problems (a glimpse of this trend is already showing, though sparingly).

This is definitely an uncalled for situation for future but its solution  lies in our present.

As  prevention is always better than cure, try to take out time to become aware of your health.

Any person, whether he is ill or not, can consult an Ayurveda practitioner at any time. If the person is healthy is advised on how to keep fit as per his body-constitution-analysis (prakriti); If he is not in a good health then medicine are prescribed as per the requirement.

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