Human-‘Being’ or Human-‘Doing’

Sixth Post – Series ‘Reloading Mental Health’ – June 2020

An excerpt from ‘The Shift’ by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer –

“Since our childhood, we learn that doing things, especially if we do them earlier and better than others, is rewarding. We learn to be more of a human ‘doing’ than a human ‘being’ (who just has to be). We took on an identity that told us, “When you do things, and do them better and sooner than your counterparts, then you have value”. We are rewarded for our accomplishments with praise. Our education system emphasizes accomplishment – no ‘Gold Star’ is interpreted as no value as a person. We’re defined by how well we do. If we don’t do well, we’re labeled ‘underachievers’. The popular saying ‘Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing’ makes losers out of 50% of competitors, since every competition that has a winner must also have a loser. Every time we feel as though we’ve failed, we place our worth as human ‘being’ in jeopardy. If we’re sick or injured and can no longer perform according to our standards, we also become candidates for depression or are susceptible to a multitude of physical ailments. I’ve reached the age that many refer to as ‘retirement time’. But I’m not my work. I’m not my accomplishment. I’m not my resume. I live, breathe and work for and work from my authentic self. How’s the concept of retirement even possible? How can I retire from who I am? And who I am allows this writing and speaking and everything else I do take place.”

How to be?

One of the hard-hitting subtle damages of COVID-19 is that it has snatched away the normal way of ‘doings’ from the majority of world population, to the extent that everyone is losing their sane self. The reason is that because we are defined by our doings, it becomes difficult to dis-identify from them and just ‘be’. This shift from ‘doing’ to a partial sense of ‘being’ is leading to emotional disturbances in majority of population during this lockdown. People know how to handle their physical ailments but are clueless of what to do and when to seek help for emotional trauma. This is a serious issue that is not to be overlooked. Emotional health is as important as physical illness, but the sudden change of lifestyle has rendered countless silent sufferers of depression, anxiety, stress and panic attacks. The solution to this problem is self-analysis from time-to-time. Any kind of feeling of unrest is not to be ignored. It is to be reported to the family physician.

Ayurveda is largely a counseling based system of health. Being holistic in approach, it takes all the physical and emotional ailments together without their actual separation. Seek help whenever required.

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Source: ‘The Shift’ – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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