Science with Soul

Asatoma Sadgamaya – Moving from untruth to truth

What is Untruth – What is truth?

Sadhguru says –

“For most people, their own physiological and psychological drama engages them for a whole lifetime. They think they are living, but they are actually just battling their own physiological and their psychological mess. This is a distraction from simple truths of life. Your ideas of who you are, what religion you belong to, what is yours, what is not yours, everything that you made up is Untruth.

Truth means the fundamental laws that make everything in existence happen. Everything that is necessary for this life to happen is here. The question is,, are you in tune with these forces, or are you against them? The moment you believe you are something that you are not, you are against the forces of life. Because you are creating a psychological drama, you are screening off the existential drama. You are missing the Creator’s creation because your own silly creations are keeping you busy in your head. Everyone is carrying their own world. If all of us have our own worlds, we are liars. Whatever nonsense we are imagining is entirely our psychological drama. When you create drama, at least, it must happen your way. But that is not the reality now. If your thoughts and emotions were happening the way you want it, you would be blissful right now. But just about any idiot around you can determine what happens in your mind. Your thoughts and emotions are not even yours. They are constantly in compulsive reaction to everything around you. In this state, every drama does not happen the way you want it. So, what is the problem? What is the solution?

When you are not cluttered with knowledge, you see everything the way it is. If you are cluttered with knowledge, you are prejudiced about everything. ‘Asatoma Sadgamaya’ must happen at all levels. The moment you believe something that you do not know, you become a web of lies. Without even knowing, you are caught up in a web of lies of your own making. The only thing that is valuable here is LIFE. We lay our garden, we build building, we build a family, we build a nation because we believe it will facilitate and enhance life. Spending a whole lifetime doing all kinds of circus to feel a little good here and there is one way of handling it. In pursuit of joy, pleasure, and happiness, how much misery people are causing to themselves.

When human experience essentially happens from within, if you take charge of it, you can determine the nature of your experience. There are two ways to handle life. One way is to first invest a certain amount of time to enhance yourself from within. Then you step out into the world if you wish. Once this life is enhanced from within, you will do what is needed. You do not have to do any circus to enhance your life. Doing circus involves tricks and tricks can fail and misery will happen. Right now, we have driven a large percentage of population into this mode that everyone has to do something first. No, first establish your being, then do whatever you want to do. Establish yourself from within. If you step out into the world without establishing yourself from within, you will mess up yourself and the world. The world has been messed up with good intentions. People who caused major wars on planet believed they were doing good things. Otherwise, why would they throw away their lives? This is simply because you believe something that gives you false sense of knowing. What a disaster human beings have become because they are identified with what they think they know. Knowledge is fine to do things in the world. But when it comes to life, “I do not know” is the only thing that will keep your intelligence alert and ‘on’ every moment of your life.

If you see things clearly, no one has to tell you what to do. When even a bird with such a small brain knows what it has to do about its life perfectly well, with such a big brain, how come you do not know? Because someone has messed you up. How come human beings still do not know what they should eat? Look at the cholesterol controversy. For decades, they have been telling everyone, ”Don’t eat this – you will get bad cholesterol.” Now they are saying there is no such thing. This is happening because we are looking at everything in pieces. In pieces, you will never get to truth. If we want ‘Asatoma Sadgamaya’ to happen, what is needed is not information and analysis. Your ability to gather information and analyze will be absolutely meaningless in the next ten, fifteen years’ time because a simple gadget will do this better than you. After twelve years of going to school, if you turn on Alexa, you feel like a dumb idiot in front of her.

This is the time to work upon yourself. Because once you come as human being, you are not fixed like other creatures. For all other creatures, nature has drawn two lines within which they live and die. Their life is simpler because they have a fixed software. Human life has an open software. You can make anything out of yourself. You can become God-like or you can become a brute – both are possible right now. To walk between that takes some balance. Otherwise, easily you can either fall this side or that side. To be human essentially means to be capable of being conscious – nature has given us freedom. What human beings are suffering right now is their freedom. Time is ticking away – you must come to your senses.”

– Excerpts from Sadhguru JV


Relating ‘Asatoma Sadgamaya’ to Ayurveda –

Ayurveda means ‘Science of Life’. It is the science with consciousness.- a science that establishes you from within before you move out to take on the world. It is time to unlearn some conventional concepts and make way for a new understanding. Reloading Health by Decoding Ayurveda is a movement towards Truth.

Note: The above excerpt is brought to you with the best of intentions with no copyright infringement intended. Copyrights belong to the respective parties.



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