Android vs Iphone

Switching over from one habit to another

images (7)If you’ve been using android since the very beginning and, all of a sudden, you are handed over an iPhone without providing the user manual, how difficult or easy would it be for you? You would definitely require a person who could make you understand the working of the new phone. Just as it is difficult for an android loyal person to switch over to iPhone, same is the difficulty level in switching over from one system of health to another. Without a user manual or an instructor it is as difficult or as simple as switching from android (allopathy) to iPhone (ayurveda). You always need a user manual to use any unfamiliar object.

The basic things that affect the switch-over are:

  • age
  • technology and
  • interface


Age matters:

It is always easier for teenagers or even kids, nowadays, to switch-over from ‘android’ to ‘iPhone’ due to their anxiety to explore new things. As the age progresses, anxiety and comfort change places, as it becomes more about comfort  now. Kids would love to experience the new world of ‘iPhone’ more than an adult. There would be an individual difference of opinions for the latter – some may not want to shift at all because they may be in their comfort zone of ‘android-world’, others may be reluctant to shift to the new world of ‘iPhone’, still others who would be excited to explore a different technology. So, we find that, it is completely an individual’s choice. But one thing is clear that the ‘shift’ is easier for kids than for an adult.

Similar is the case from shifting from Allopathy’ to Ayurveda’. A ‘shift’ or a ‘change of habit’ for a system of health comes easily for a younger age group than for an adult.

images (9)Technology:

 Today it is said that the technology of one brand inspires the other. Which brand is original and which one is the inspired version is a debatable topic.  Here, it is important to note that sometimes there are more applications and functions for the user in the inspired model than in the original. Buying the product still depends on individual’s  choice and budget.

Similar is the case with Allopathy and Ayurveda. One is original and the other could be inspired version. This is, again, a controversial and debatable topic. Important is that it is again an individual’s choice to choose the end product — the right system of health at the right moment. 


It is said that the interface of iPhone is user-friendly. But a person who has been using an ‘android’ from the very beginning may differ in opinion. This is because he is habituated to the functioning of android and using an iPhone could pose some difficulties for him in the beginning. It could also be vice versa. It is all about being comfortable with a particular interface.

Similarly, people who are used to the interface of Allopathic system of health are reluctant to switch to the  interface of Ayurveda system of health. Though there could be every possibility that the latter interface may be much simpler or user friendly than expected.

images (4)Gist:

Comparisons are essential to get the best buy. But there are two basic necessities for comparing any two products.

First, is the easy availability and awareness of the products.

Second, is the knowledge or the correct information about the product. Incomplete knowledge or incorrect information could give rise to a biased opinion.

No system of health is complete in itself. Every system has its advantages as well as disadvantages. You always have the option to choose the right system of health at the right time.


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